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Traveling 6 Tips That You Must Pay Before Go Alone

Some tips on traveling

traveling alone is indeed fun. You do not have to compromise on anyone’s will and are free to decide where you’re going. Although alone, traveling solo is also not identical with loneliness, really.

Precisely because it’s being alone that you can focus on getting to know new friends on the journey instead of sticking with your gang’s friends. In addition, there are a number of other reasons Hipwee wrote earlier in this article.


For those who have never tried their own excitement traveling solo, there must be a feeling of fear and anxiety; the fear of just yourself that you can certainly rely on in the middle of nowhere.

It is humane, but do not obey too. Do not let those fears prevent you from going on an adventure.

Check Everything

Do some research first about everything: the ticket price to your destination, the accommodation, the tariff and the operational hours of public transportation there, the route and the admission price of the sights-everything.

Thanks to internet technology, for browsing travelers’ blogs to find references is easier.

You can also throw a question to the relevant forum, for example at the backpacker forum.

Or, if you have friends who have visited your holiday destination, do not hesitate to ask them.

Check The Budget

Budget and itinerary is your guide during the trip. Remember, you know, you’re alone, so you can not ask, “Where are we going, huh?”

In your guide, make sure you have detailed your itinerary from early morning to getting back to the inn.

Plan, want to ride what to move from one tourist destination to another destination? How much money should be set aside to eat?

The name of the guide, of course not mandatory you live one hundred percent. Is not it fun if you find exciting things that are unexpected in the streets, or invited local people to visit his home?

But at least, if you already have a guide where to go that day, you will always have the option to set foot where to after a tourist destination runs out you explore.

pack as lightly as possible

As a solo backpacker, you do not want to be carrying all your stuff alone, especially when moving from and to the place to stay or move the city.

Well, practicing to carry loads as light as possible this is easy-easy hard. Often you are tempted to carry items that you really do not need, so end up with a lot of luggage.

A light load makes you easy to maneuver from place to place. The number of defaults depends on the length of your trip, but avoid bringing the stock of clothing for more than a week.

You can wash it anyway, right? Bringing a light burden also makes you look less like a tourist easily fraudulent target.

Try to get to your destination city during the day

By arriving at daylight, the occasional unnecessary hassles can be avoided. For example, you do not bother looking for public transport to get to where you stay. The receptionist is also open, so you do not have to sleep in the station or terminal.

Or, if you get picked up and ride in place of people, at least you can avoid the taste not as good as if you get late at night or early morning.

In addition, you can also outsmart the inn by sleeping during the trip at night and until the next day. The first foreign city you visit first also looks safer during the day.

Before getting to the destination city, make a small map

Arriving in the destination city Act like local people who already know the terrain. Avoid opening a map that is a thick book of Lonely Planet that you buy expensive infamous bookstores.

The apps folder on your smartphone can be used as a directional pointer. Or, prepare some simple little maps on a scrap of paper that each shows the direction to the inn or the places you are going to go.

This makes you not look flashy, especially if you’re on foot.

Separate your cash and ATM cards

During the streets, save cash and debit or credit cards if you have more than one in different places, such as hiding in a belt or socks. Leave also some money cash and backup ATM card in the bag that you stay at the inn locker.

If your wallet is lost or pickpocketed, don’t panick because you have a backup. It is also important to have softcopy and hard copy of important papers, such as passport, ID card, and other identification.

Save some hardcopy in a kernel, and upload softcopy to cloud let you access from anywhere.

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