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Traveling 6 Tips That You Must Pay Before Go Alone

Some tips on traveling

traveling alone is indeed fun. You do not have to compromise on anyone’s will and are free to decide where you’re going. Although alone, traveling solo is also not identical with loneliness, really.

Precisely because it’s being alone that you can focus on getting to know new friends on the journey instead of sticking with your gang’s friends. In addition, there are a number of other reasons Hipwee wrote earlier in this article.


For those who have never tried their own excitement traveling solo, there must be a feeling of fear and anxiety; the fear of just yourself that you can certainly rely on in the middle of nowhere.

It is humane, but do not obey too. Do not let those fears prevent you from going on an adventure.

Check Everything

Do some research first about everything: the ticket price to your destination, the … Read More

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